Hello World - V3 of my blog

Well after almost 5 years on Wordpress I wanted to host my blog on something static to avoid hacking and security leaks. Wordpress publish releases almost every 4 days now and well it was a bit slow for nothing. (But I don’t blame it it’s a great CMS for small and fast blogs)

That’s why I developped my own copy of Jerkyll. I wanted to be able to say “Hey this is my blog, I developped it myself. As a software engineer we could imagine it makes sense. But… well it worked pretty well I don’t want to loose too much time on writing my blog system. Insteand I prefere to spend more time on my articles. My dear readers doesn’t care on the underground of this blog right ? You simply want to read something interesting !

Here we are ! Jekyll and Github pages do almost all what I need and perfectly. So I plan to stay on this platform for a long time hope you will like it.

As ever, feel free to give me your comments and feedback

Cheers, Seb

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